The Difference

There are many ways NewEdge Academy differs from traditional schools, practically every way.

In addition to serving as an ISP umbrella for home schooled students, we offer small group classes, as well as private, one-on-one tutoring.  Our classes are designed on a common core foundation with emphasis on experiential learning, developing creativity, and incorporating projects as manifestation of learning. We are focused on building team work both in the classroom and within the community.

We also believe in partnering with other educational organizations to serve a wider community of students. NewEdge Academy is a vendor for California Charter schools. We have partnered with learning centers locally, and online for students world wide. We partner with organizations to offer scholarships and grants to make the difference to achieving success. We are excited to bring Kid Whispering to at-risk students who show promise.

We currently are in the process of offering A-G approved classes, providing the education students will need to move forward in their educational journeys into the UC and CSU colleges.

How NewEdge Academy can help you:

  • one on one tutoring for better grades and test scores
  • custom classes
  • project design, execution and exhibition
  • profile who you are and how you interface with the world
  • achieve success in your unique way
  • mentor parents in how to help their child succeed
  • note taking skills
  • study skills
  • test-taking strategies
  • help with projects, reports and other deliverables.
  • help children discover their special purpose, their inner sparkle, their driving passions.

Executive Director: Elizabeth Johnson, A.B., A.S., C.C.A., I.F.C. A.A.E.
“There is no such thing as an “ordinary” child. We believe every child has a special, unique talent which blossoms with the right environment.”
Harvard graduate, Elizabeth Johnson, brings you the leading edge of education. With an extensive background in achieving academic and creative excellence, she is committed to the development of engaged, enthusiastic learners, with communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and relationship skills. Students understand modalities and how to create a safe, peaceful space; cope with transition, build self-esteem and self-empowerment; identify core problems and opportunities; create a clear vision and strategy with measurable objectives; design tactical plans to meet those objectives to achieve results.

The executive director is  a member of the American Association of Educators. NewEdge Academy is a registered as a business with the state of California .

One mission of this academy is to provide quality, alternative education to students who opt out of the traditional school system,  or charter schools. We provide a necessary alternative to at-risk kids who might otherwise become dropouts or fall through the cracks.

NewEdge Academy was founded January 1st 2012 and approved as a California private school October 1st 2012.


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