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 Giving kids a new edge for a new age.

Developing creativity, problem solving skills, teamwork, and critical thinking through experiential learning, Socratic method, and project management.
K-12 and beyond
  • Enrichment classes
  • Tutoring
  • Workshops / Seminar series
  • Teacher in-service training and CE credit.

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We have Individual programs

and small group programs like The Build Your Best Life skills series!

This is not just another class, like a math class. This is a process of transformation.
An applied experience, the Build Your Best Life skills series has been developed with extensive research into the most-up-to date studies. With tried and true results, kids learn to identify goals and desires, develop and execute projects, differentiate themselves from the rest, and other processes necessary to transition into a successful life.

People pay thousands of dollars for this kind of transformation, catapulting them to new heights. This unique workshop provides:
one intensive, full-day workshop in which we set up the process
a full month of application when we work our plan.
another intensive, full-day integration, where we review, evaluate and present our results.

The really special thing about the month of application is that we are available to each and every one of the participants, every day, to provide resources and support to students while they navigate their projects. During these unlimited private sessions, with our time and expertise, you will get what you need to succeed.

Classes are small, so reserve your space today

Build the Life of Your Dreams develops strategies to dream up and define goals, navigate task completion training, and overcome obstacles and resistances.

Project Management in 5 Easy Steps utilizes the IB Design Cycle to mentor students in the process of project management from investigation of problems and current solutions, planning project, creating and delivering a finished product, and evaluating the result and process.

Build your Personal Brand Workshop compiles student experience into a curriculum vitae. Students tailor cover letters and resumes. Exploring fonts, colors, students develop their personal brand, selecting a  theme song, designing a logo, letterhead, business cards, and other marketing materials.

Commit! takes students from 0 to “Send” of the college application in 6-weeks. Designed for students entering their senior year, pulls together all the previous programs to complete college applications. We start with transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, athletics etc. Students send out requests for recommendations, narrow down college choices, write essays, complete application and hit the send button.

Writing Elegant Essays and having a blast. The writing test is coming up and kids are stressing out! Wouldn’t you love it if your child could go into the test with a happier, more confident attitude? Feel more confident writing? Achieve higher scores on the test? Be able to impact the world? Stop the yelling at home and start having fun? Register for this intensive 4-week class, this class will help your child become a better writer and have fun doing it.

And more!

special programs:

  • TAG This program shifts classroom structure to allow team-centered work and gives teachers more of a facilitator’s role. TAG develops skills like critical thinking, creativity and teamwork, during project based learning in small groups.
  • 5.0 Club an elite program for students aspiring to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack, for college and for life. We define students goals, plan and execute projects to achieve the highest level of excellence. Programs like Supercharge Summer and Build Your Best Life, set students up for success in higher education and in life after academia.

Executive Director: Elizabeth Johnson

 The New York TImes published an article about the kind of learning we stand for at NewEdge Academy, building leaders of tomorrow — where we develop inspired students who know how to structure, execute and evaluate project, interface with community resources, nurture mentor relationships, and succeed in life.

One of the biggest regrets people have is that they failed to live their dreams; they didn’t go for it, didn’t develop their gifts and pursue their interests. Don’t be that person.

Live passionately! Live large!



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