Aloha! Whispering Worldwide

The Kid Whisperer has relocated! The new headquarters will be at NewEdge Academy on Maui, Hawaii.

There are streams, pools and waterfalls in the valleys.

The new contact information is :

Elizabeth Johnson

NewEdge Academy

PO Box 880550

Pukalani, HI  96788

The phone number remains the same:


It is the start of an exciting year, bringing engagement and love of learning to the kids of Hawaii. There are many local kids who will be benefiting with in-person kidwhispering on the island. Worldwide, kids can benefit from face to face kidwhispering., to discover their gifts, build successful strategies and habits. With multiple online platforms we can play in virtual classrooms, go on streaming tropical field trips, or have meaningful conversations, eye to eye.  No matter where you are, the kid whisperer can bring delight back into education and direction into life.

College Application Bootcamp Registration 2015

Enjoy an intensive, Get-It-Done, bootcamp with our very own Kid Whisperer, Elizabeth Johnson.

Elizabeth has an uncanny ability to find the unique talents, interests and skills to help students create their story. She gives them permission to explore their dreams and successes in a safe and supportive environment. Kids can feel free to write the next chapter of their lives, confident that they will be applying to the best-fit college for them.

College Application Bootcamp

Get it done!
Get accepted to the Best College for You!

Request Letters of recommendation
Select best fit colleges
Set up online accounts and fill in application
Short answer responses
Write college application essays
Practice interview techniques
Scholarship search
Press Send!

Special Discount if you register today

Dates: 2015 Summer and Fall
Maui:  full day bootcamp, !0 am -2 pm : July 6th and 25,  August 1st and 6th
Santa Clarita: full day- June 20, August 29 ,Sept. 19, Oct. 17, Nov. 14,
6-week- 9/9-10/14,  and  10/15-11/19
Los Angeles: full day 10/3, 10/24, 11/21

Our Full day intensive or 6 week college application bootcamps:

6 weeks: 90 minutes a session, for 6 sessions. $495 for the entire course, takes students from 0 to “Send” in 6-weeks. Designed for students entering their senior year, pulls together all the previous programs to complete college applications. We start with transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, athletics etc. Students send out requests for recommendations, narrow down college choices, write essays, complete application and hit the send button. There is work to be done between sessions.

Full day bootcamp guides students through the whole process, completing as much of the applications as they can crank out. Students leave knowing their best fit schools, their areas of uniqueness and individual accomplishments and how they are going to relate that to the college or university of their choice. Some students have all their transcripts, activities, awards, accomplishments and a good understanding of themselves. These students may be able to complete the process in one sitting, or students may take the bootcamp as many times as they need.

Students Love College Application Bootcamp!

Full day and 6 week bootcamp rate $497
Two sessions  $425 each
Pre-enrollment rate up to June 10th,  two or more sessions  $400 each
Early bird special Up to June 1st, $350 each session

Scholarship: based on need. Students request aid, fill out application and write a short essay on why they need College Application Bootcamp

“I have better things to do during my Senior Year!”



NewEdge Welcomes the Conejo Valley!

Take the Pressure Off You!

We are so excited to offer our Build Your Best Life Series in the Conejo Valley. We will be kicking off the 20014/15 year with the College Application Bootcamp. We get it done — 6, weekly sessions, 90 minutes each — from 0 to “Send.”

High school Seniors in Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Calabassas, Simi Valley, Oak Park, Westlakd and Moorpark are encouraged to take this 6-week bootcamp. We take the stress off you so that you have the time and space to get it done.




Lecture Series with Invisible Touch

Elizabeth Johnson has teamed up with the Invisible Touch healing for a lecture series devoted to helping people live their best lives. If you have been looking for ways to feel better in your life, or help your kids develop into the best versions of themselves, come to this lecture series. Look for interesting and informative talks to continue in February!


Critical Thinking and Fun, Engaged Learning with Common Core

Pathways… there are so many ways to get an education today. Liz Travieso, of The Language Planet, and Elizabeth Johnson, of NewEdge Academy are teaming up to bring you a seminar / workshop series. Learn the latest techniques to increase critical thinking skills, Experience new ways to engage students in new, student-centered strategies.Learn how to help kids succeed in today’s educational system. Join us on December 12th at CARE Academy in Santa Clarita. RSVP Here: or visit our facebook page Liz and Elizabeth


Build Your Best Life Project

NewEdge Academy is excited to announce the Build Your Best Life Project. Structured on the International Baccalaureate Design technology, our modules walk students through the process of following their interests, executing projects, differentiating themselves from the crowd and moving into a successful life.

Live the Life of Your Dreams develops strategies to dream up and define goals, navigate task completion training, and overcome obstacles and resistances.

Project Management in 5 Easy Steps utilizes the IB Design Cycle to mentor students in the process of project management from investigation of problems and current solutions, planning project, creating and delivering a finished product, and evaluating the result and process.

Personal Brand Workshop compiles student experience into a curriculum vitae. Students tailor cover letters and resumes. Exploring fonts, colors, students develop their personal brand, selecting a  theme song, designing a logo, letterhead, business cards, and other marketing materials.

College Application Bootcamp takes students from 0 to send in 6-weeks. Designed for students entering their senior year, pulls together all the previous programs to complete college applications. We start with transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, athletics etc. Students send out requests for recommendations, narrow down college choices, write essays, complete application and hit the send button.


NewEdge is coming to your neighborhood!

NewEdge welcomes Donna Larner Lavery as the new Director of Development. Donna comes to us with an impressive list of accomplishments as well as a big heart and passion for bringing 21st century learning to students nationwide. Through local programs and internet learning, NewEdge helps develop critical thinking, creativity and teamwork through experiential learning from kindergarten to 12th grades. See some of our current programs here. Let us know if you would like to see these programs in your school!


Your Source for 21st Century Education!

A new educational era is blossoming, right now. There is a movement toward project-based, experiential learning.  Students develop personal projects, applying their interests to solve specific, current, real-world problems.

A new viewpoint is driving education towards celebrating individual unique talents. Also, with practiced and facilitated teamwork, students will learn how to help each other compensate for individual weaknesses, each student building strategies for his or her personal success. At NewEdge, we believe that every student has a bright spark which needs to be nurtured and developed. Kids are not one size fits all. Learn structures to facilitate individual development of excellence.

We are delighted that NewEdge Academy was founded on a platform of 21st Century Learning techniques. Based on principals from High Tech High, the Home Education Counsel of America, and The Learning Success Institute, NewEdge excels in project tuning, project scaffolding, facilitation, curriculum design and cross curricular collaboration. NewEdge can bring your school and your students into the 21st century!