Monthly Archives: August 2017

Aloha! Whispering Worldwide

The Kid Whisperer has relocated! The new headquarters will be at NewEdge Academy on Maui, Hawaii.

There are streams, pools and waterfalls in the valleys.

The new contact information is :

Elizabeth Johnson

NewEdge Academy

PO Box 880550

Pukalani, HI  96788

The phone number remains the same:


It is the start of an exciting year, bringing engagement and love of learning to the kids of Hawaii. There are many local kids who will be benefiting with in-person kidwhispering on the island. Worldwide, kids can benefit from face to face kidwhispering., to discover their gifts, build successful strategies and habits. With multiple online platforms we can play in virtual classrooms, go on streaming tropical field trips, or have meaningful conversations, eye to eye.  No matter where you are, the kid whisperer can bring delight back into education and direction into life.